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Terms of Use
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I have very few terms of use of my posers.  

Please honor them.


1.  Do not change the file name.

2.  Do not pass them in groups or share mail like Yahoo, Msn or Forums.  Please give them the address to my site here and allow them to downloaded from here. 

3.  Do not change colors or distort the tube.

4.  Do not add any tubes I have for download to any CD, zip or group share files.  

5.  None of my tubes may be used in any commercial use unless you have express written permission from me.

6.  Any sigs or tags you make using my tubes are yours to share or use in any NON-profit way.


Last and most important!

You may not sell any product you make using my tubes or posers.  I don't charge you for the use, you may not make a profit from them either.


If you would like to link to my site, feel free to use one of the banners below.


Please no copy and paste Save to your hard drive

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