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Nay's Angels

Welcome to my site. The angels you will see on the pages to come are very special to me. They have all touched my heart in one way or another.
I have created this site to pay special tribute to my daughter, Amy, and her beloved Maltese, Ian.

When angels come into your life, they touch you, and love you, like you have never experienced before. They hold you within their embrace, and fill your soul with love, patience and understanding. They share things with you that you might never have experienced otherwise. They create an atmosphere of complete and total unconditional love. It's actually very amazing when it happens to you. What is even more amazing, is when someone touches your soul to depths you never realized they could reach, and you're able to share that experience with others. That is what I'm here to do with you. I want to share my experience with my dearest angel. My daughter, Amy.

Please click here to meet my daughter.

Please click here to meet Ian, our Maltese.

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